God is good

It’s the little things that get me. Like how my roommates are amazing. We all get along so well. And this city, it is beautiful. It’s in the middle of these gorgeous green hills with trees and rivers.


I also had prepared myself to have no alone time on this trip (being that I room with 3 other women and I can’t walk anywhere alone..) and yet God surprised me yet again. I discovered there is enough room on our window sill for someone to sit..

So that is where I spent time with Jesus this morning. It was amazing and since the curtain was pulled it felt like I was the only one there! Being that I’m sort of an introvert, that meant so much to me. God knows me, and it’s so cool to see the little ways he is loving on me.

We also had a super fun scavenger hunt we did today to see the city! It was SO fun! We took taxis around and our driver was seriously the sweetest. He didnt speak any English, but was so nice and completely went out of his way to take us to these different places, even to the point of getting out and walking us to this hole in the wall school.


I am enjoying myself. On a side note, I loved all the food so far haha my favorite was the Korean restaurant next to our hotel 🙂

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