I’ve been having an amazing time! The church here, Antioch Mongolia, just had their 1 year anniversary. It’s amazing to see all that God has done and is doing in Mongolia!

It’s strange to think that I have been here for 2 weeks already. I’m half-way through! One of the things I love the most is getting to partner with God in all the amazing things he is doing here. We have had people come to Jesus so fast and other are soon on their way, so open and eager for the things of God. God really does show up when you step out in faith.

We also spent the night in Gers last night. It was an interesting experience lol.


What I didn’t expect was for all the girls in my Ger to stay up the whole night praying for our team and Mongolia. We all felt like we were supposed to pray after feeling oppressed spiritually, resulting in God’s peace filling the place so powerfully! It made me realize how good I have it. I have Jesus in my heart, therefore I am protected, secure and I have a hope that will never fail. A lot of people here don’t have that same reassurance. There are a lot of different religions, Shamanism, Buddhism, Atheism – but I couldn’t imagine not having the peace of Christ in my heart. It was such an honor for God to pick me to be one of the ones that prayed all night for this city, these people and for our team. God is so powerful!! Even though I’m super tired right now from not sleeping lol it was so worth it. I love my team and am so pleasantly surprised by overseas outreach. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers 🙂 they are working!

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  1. Ted Collier says:

    I am praying for God’s spiritual protection and that many will come to know the freedom that is available in Christ Jesus. Also, that the Holy Spirit continues to use you and your team in miraculous ways!


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