I’m kind of in awe at the power of prayer.

The Bible was not joking when it said “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective!” I’ve been trying to pray a lot more about things. Instead of worrying about events or circumstances or people, I am doing my best to pray instead of constantly think about it in my head.

I can get in my head a LOT. No wonder the Bible tells us to pray about everything and present our requests to The Lord instead of just sitting with what bothers us. I’m learning that “giving it over to God” looks like praying about things instead of worrying. The stuff that’s on my heart is EXACTLY what I should be praying into. Prayer isn’t just to make us feel better, we literally release the power of God in this world.

Jesus told us we are his hands and feet, and the church is the body of Christ – we ARE Jesus to those around us. God uses us, which is amazing in itself, to release his purposes on earth.

I’ve been so struck by praying what’s on my heart and then seeing God answer. I’ve literally been seeing God answering my prayers. Before my eyes. I pray for healing and I see it. I pray for the restoration of my family, and I see it. I pray that he heal and restore and free and he does!

Pray with faith. He loves it when we believe he can do anything.

Pray his will, he knows better than we do.

And then be willing for his answer, because it usually doesn’t look like what we think it will look like. He uses hard times, trying people, and anything but ideal circumstances to teach, grow, AND answer prayer.

I prayed he would show me who I am, fully expecting for him to lay it out for me on a sticky note the next day. But no, it came in the form of going through hard circumstances AND responding like Jesus would. It came in the form of not having a job and having to trust and cling to God for everything. I had to come face to face with how I responded, with my weaknesses, with my brokenness to start finding that.

We start finding ourselves when we are seeking after God.

He knew what I needed to answer my prayer. It took me having faith and trusting him for him to be able to complete his work in me. (Which he will continue to perfect until the day I die! Let’s be real!)

He said wait for what he brings. So I wait. Against all odds, despite what people think or say, even though NOTHING looks like it will happen..I trust him.

And then he provides and moves. My obedience frees him up to do his thing.

So pray, have faith, and obey what God is telling you. You will see change and you will see answered prayers.

#stickwithit #Godisfaithful #wecantrusthim


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