Hair raising God stories

I had one of those moments this week where I was SO thankful God is for me.

But before I tell you about that moment, let me just brag on this God I serve. Three months ago, I got back from a month long mission trip to Mongolia. The month prior, God told me to pursue a full time career and that my time as a nanny was over. I gave my notice to the family I was working for and immediately started applying to jobs (with no clue what I was supposed to do I might add..), hopeful I was going to get something soon.

Little did I know that after Mongolia, I was going to crash hard. God knew this of course, and decided that I needed to be jobless for a few months. I wasn’t okay with that at first, but now I see how much I needed that time of rest.

He told me to wait. Wait for him to provide. He told me not to pursue a job in childcare. This was hard for me. I had no job, which means I had no money. You generally need money to survive.

Rewind 4 months prior in April. God told me to move out of the house I was living in and move in with a family. However, I did not know which family I was going to live with. He told me to put in my 30 days notice, which I did. 2 weeks go by and I have still have no idea where I’m going to live. I then go on my church’s Mexico mission trip and while I was there, God gave me a dream to ask a family that I knew if I could live with them. I then proceeded to go ask the mom of said family if they happened to be looking for a girl to live with them, namely me. Her response: “YES!!” 2 weeks later, I was moved into their home and I am there to this day. (and loving it I might add! Never would have been able to predict this superbly amazing match)

If I had not obeyed God, I would have been living in a rental house where it was mandatory to pay rent and would not have been able to because I was jobless. This family has been such a shelter in the storm. I wouldn’t have even had food to eat if not for them.

During this 4 month long job search, God was strengthening his relationship with me. Each and every time I needed money and was about to use my credit card to buy something, I somehow ended up having the exact amount that I needed. I had to register my car in California in August, and I also had a $200 fee that I wasn’t counting on from the rental house I had moved out of 4 months prior. I also have a loan payment that I make every month. Then out of nowhere, I am informed that a job I worked for years ago wants to give me $400 of retirement money that I accrued while employed there.

Each month has been the same, I literally will have just enough money for my expenses. That doesn’t just happen. God happened.

Where God guides, he provides. Every time. We just have to take a step out in faith and watch him work.

After all the worrying if I was doing the right thing in waiting for what God said without any physical proof that it would turn out alright. After constantly going to God and saying, am I doing the right thing? Did I hear you correctly? Did you really say wait for the job you bring along? After all the hard waiting and situations. I got a job.

A good one. Full time. It happened in a week. One week I was unemployed, the next I was employed full time. Um, can we say open door? And can I just say, I am so glad I waited on God. I am so glad I believed his still small voice speaking to me. I am so glad I stuck it out and waited. What a gratifying feeling. He totally pulled through and didn’t let me down. Talk about an amazing and powerful and REAL God.

So back to that moment this week..

I had about $210 in my bank account, and was expecting my $200 loan payment to go through as usual. I was able to go out with some of my girlfriends last weekend, which was so fun! I figured I was allowed to spend about $5 since I had 10 dollars extra after the loan payment went through. I ended up only spending $2 that night, which was a total win in my book.

A few days after my loan payment was supposed to go through, I decided to check my back account. There was only 2 dollars in it. I then realized I had forgotten that my loan payment is actually $20not just $200. If had spent the $5 like I originally planned, I would not have had enough money, and that payment would have bounced. Insert fear of the Lord here.

God looks out for the things that we are oblivious to too people. Be encouraged. Step out in faith, and see what happens.

If you have any cool God stories, I’d love to hear them! Comment below 🙂

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