A Life Well Lived

“Did you ever imagine this is where you would be 5 years ago?” Is quite the question. Quite frankly, no, I didn’t. Does anyone ever imagine their life correctly 5 years in advance? I may be able to do 6 months from now, but that’s pushing it. That’s what the past year or two has been, unpredictable. Granted its been a good past couple years, but still, I never could have imagined all that God had in store for me.

I never would have thought I wouldn’t go and get my masters degree in psychology and pursue a career in that. Nor would I have ever thought I would do a 9 month training program last year with my church, let alone go to Mongolia for a month (and what a month that was!).

I thought I had it all figured out. Didn’t you know I was pretty good at planning? However, when you say these words to God, “I’ll go wherever you lead me.” Your life never really is the same. I suppose even when I wasn’t as close to God as I am now, I still said them from the heart. The heart of a freshman in college who pretty much had the rug pulled out from under her. But we are getting into 6 years ago now..

I took some time today to have a mini spiritual retreat with God. I need to hear Jesus’ voice telling me how he loves me and what he thinks of me, as well as get envisioned for what he has for the year ahead. 

The Holts have a tree house – and you bet I climbed up there for a few hours.


Isn’t that totally what we need to do as humans? Get out of our worlds for a little while and plug into what God is saying? Have the one who knows us best speak into our situations and lives?

As I was reflecting on the past year, I couldn’t help but compare myself to where I was last year – and I like what I see.

I’ve learned to trust God more. He led me in acts of faith that strengthened me in him.

I’ve learned the value of waiting. Its only gotten slightly easier to wait, still working on that patience thing, but you better believe I’m not going to try to make something happen without God’s timing.

God has cultivated a heart to hear his voice. Sort of astounds me that the creator of the universe likes to spend time with me.

God has humbled me. I’ve learned more about humility. If I have done things right it’s because of God.

Most importantly though, I’m so grateful for the growth I’ve experienced through this life of saying yes to Jesus. I wouldn’t trade one minute of my journey. I can honestly say I love my life – and I haven’t always been able to do that. True joy and happiness is all about finding yourself in God. Its about letting go of things, about letting God heal your heart, and about being willing to go where Jesus leads you. I think one of the biggest things that allowed God to move so powerfully in my life was because I was simply willing.

Happy new year friends.

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