Your Father Wants a Word with You.


Its time to hear something. I’ve been wanting to say this to you for awhile now.


“It’s not about you doing. It’s about you trusting that I am coming for you. Nothing can keep me away.

This is something that’s up to me – not up to you – to do. I will do it. This is something I will do.

You get to just let me come for you.

I am coming for you.

You are my heart’s desire. You.

Nothing could keep me away.

I will do whatever it takes to be what you need.

You are mineI decide what happens to you. I determine your future and orchestrate your events.

Nothing escapes my grasp or is beyond my reach. Nothing escapes my notice or attention.

I see you.

I see all the good you do. I see all your struggles. I see all your hurt. I see all your longings.

It is my JOY to give you the desires of your heart. It is my delight to satisfy your desires with GOOD things.

I delight in giving you good things. I love blessing you. You truly have my favor over your life.

You can come to me and I will answer you. Ask me for things – I want to give them to you.

Don’t feel guilty about my favor, attention, or love. Me giving to you in no way detracts from anyone else.

You are beautiful my darling. There is no flaw in you.

I know the perfect way to heal you, to bring forth restoration.

Each situation is tailor made to draw out my desired effect in you.

I do not give you hard situations just to give you hard situations. 

I do not delight in your pain or suffering. My desire is for your wholeness and healing so you can experience the fullness of joy in my presence. This outweighs my desire to not see you go through pain. Because I won’t settle for less when you could have everything. 

What kind of Father would I be to just let you have the scraps when you could actually be feasting?

The momentary struggle is well worth the effort. I would not put you through hardship if it wasn’t.

I do not delight in your suffering or hurting – I delight in pulling out the bad. In undoing the work of the devil and his demons.

I delight in drawing out the poison that’s keeping you from my love and blessing.

I don’t hold this against you. I do not hold against you the wrongs done to you that weren’t your fault. You didn’t know because no one told you – no one knew. I do not hold that against you. In my goodness, I draw you into situations designed to heal you.

Like the pain of pulling a thorn from your foot – it’s going to hurt, but it will hurt more, cause more and more damage and hardship if we leave it in. It will hurt to pull it out, but only for a short time – then it can heal and not bother you again.

THAT is my plan for you.

Every lie, every hurt, every false belief about yourself, and unforgiveness and sin is a thorn lodged into your soul – its causing internal bleeding. I love you too much to let it continue.

I can’t take it anymore. I WON’T take it anymore. I am done seeing you hurt.

Trust me dear one. Trust my plans. Trust me. I won’t let you down.


The lover of your soul – Jesus”

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