A Heart to Say Yes

Roots are an interesting thing.

As far as plants go, there are good plants and then there are weeds. Both have roots. Roots are designed to give a plant stability and nourishment. A good, strong tree will have deep, thick roots where it will get nutrients from the soil as well as water to help it grow.

We can have roots in our lives too.

That thing you do where you just instinctively snap at someone when you are mad – that has a root.

When you do something nice for someone you love – that has a root too.

What if every hard circumstance you went through in your life was all aimed at getting rid of the root of the problem?

Why do you think people are so adamant about getting rid of the weeds in their yard? Its more than that they just look bad.

Weeds have a not so awesome way of having roots that like to choke the roots of the other plants next to it. To have a truly flourishing garden, you need to get rid of the weeds. Sure, the plant may survive, even give off some fruit, but it will always be held back from its full potential while that weed is sucking the life from it.

What are the weeds in your life? And no, I’m not talking about your literal front lawn. I’m talking about your heart.

What is growing in your heart? Is is good stuff like joy, peace, and love? Or does hate and anger grow there?

As long as we let (keyword is we here) things grow in our lives that aren’t good, the good we try to do will always be choked by the weeds.

Things like anger, hate, and pride will keep things like love, peace, kindness, and goodness from growing.

An example I’ve seen over and over again is unforgiveness. When you choose not to forgive someone, it keeps you from truly experiencing healing. It also opens the door for other things like bitterness and anger to get cozy in our hearts. You become closed off to new opportunities because you are holding onto this hurt that is slowly killing you.

Like when a relationship goes south. You may have truly experienced hurtful and abusive circumstances.

“I never should have been treated that way. How dare they do that to me. That was not ok. I never want to feel this way again. I’m never going to trust again. I’m not going to let someone else in to hurt me like that again. I can’t take it. I literally can’t take it.”

And then you don’t.

You never let anyone else in again. Oh sure, they can get close, but once they get to a certain point, you don’t know what happens, things just don’t work out…

You are closed off to a new relationship because of the fear of getting hurt again.

And then you miss out on an amazing person because of the possibility of getting your heart shattered.

You are right. It wasn’t ok what that person did to you.

And its time to forgive them.

You will never experience flourishing relationships with others OR God because you have closed off your heart. You are bitter, angry and fearful. Until you forgive them and let it go, you will never experience true healing.

This could you be your story, or your story could look differently. There are many like it. You are angry and hurt and alone. The result is the same – an unfulfilled life that lacks meaning and joy.

I was there.

Then I got freedom.

When I said yes to Jesus and what he has for me.

He really does have a better way for you. You really can experience true joy and freedom.

And you have to be willing for the cost. The cost of saying yes to healing and what that means.

It means its not going to be daisies and rainbows all the time.

It doesn’t mean you are going to experience a pain free life without any problems or hard stuff.

What does it mean?

The way you look at life will be completely different.

It means you will experience the best, purest, most fulfilling love ever imaginable. The way you approach hard circumstances will change drastically because you know that the one who loves you, who is directing your life has good plans for you and won’t let you down.

Your hope will no longer be in people or things which will always let you down, it will be in God who is ALWAYS faithful and good.

You will actually experience true healing. Some of that healing will come through hard circumstances designed to bring out the root of the issue in your heart – but come out it will and in its place will be planted good things instead.

In a season where I’m literally experiencing such HARD circumstances and pressure, there is no doubt in my mind that God is all over it.

I’m not fighting against it. I’m not getting defensive and mad at someone else and how they are doing this to me. I am saying, “Okay God, what are you trying to grow in me? How can I work with you in this and not fight against you?” Because if we are doing major work on the engine, might as well get everything we can that needs work while it is all out in the open. I certainly do NOT want to continually visit an issue over and over and over again simply because I am being thick headed and resistant to the move of God.

If you find yourself in a situation AGAIN where you are dealing with that SAME thing again, maybe this is the opportunity for you to have a heart that says yes to what God has for you. Maybe its time to ask for new eyes to see the situation going on around you. Maybe its not the situation and everyone else that’s the problem, maybe its your heart that needs healing and God is allowing for similar situations over and over so that you can finally let him draw out the weeds and their roots.

Stop getting upset at everyone else and ask for God to heal whatever he is trying to get at. Stop fighting against him and start saying yes to him. Its a choice and no one can make it but you.

Its worth it. Jesus is worth it. Healing and a flourishing life is always worth it.

Practicals to respond:

Pray that God would open your eyes to the things he is trying to heal in your life. Ask him what he is doing in a particular situation you are finding yourself in and how you can respond. Then do what he says.

Oh and know you are loved beyond measure – never forget that.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. – Galations 6:9

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