Change, Life, and Freedom


You are different than you were a moment ago.

You’ve seen, experienced and absorbed things that have changed you. Sure, you probably can’t actually measure the subtle differences between a day ago and now, but its true. Our brains are constantly processing information, finding places to put new ideas and concepts, re-working old ideas and memories.

We are a work in process.

I look back on pictures from a few years ago and am so amazed at the depth of growth and change God has brought about. I never would have imagined what life would hold or what would unfold for me to deal with.

And I’m so grateful God didn’t keep me in the same place.

Do you ever think about how you’ve matured in certain areas? I’m so thankful that I don’t see the world the same way. There were days I was so prideful and selfish – and operating out of a place of brokenness that marred how I saw and interpreted everything.

I ACTUALLY thought that my way was the only right way at times. I would argue with my now best friend about the “right” way to do things. Oh, the humbling that God allowed me to experience when I realized belatedly that there can in fact be more than one right way to solve a problem or see an issue – and its actually okay that people like doing things differently, that has no bearing on my value.

Through this thing called life, we grow and mature in ways that leave me in awe at the workings of God.

Only he could bring about such drastic change for the better. Only God is capable of orchestrating events in such a way to bring about his desired result.

I mean, think about it. All the events in your life have shaped you for who you are right now, in this moment. That doesn’t just happen.

Life lessons have come along to help shape you and wear down the rough edges.

Those harder than hard times have delivered an even stronger person than was there before.

You’ve been stretched and brought through the ringer in different moments where you thought you were going to die or bend under the pressure – and you got through them.

One thing I’ve noticed by looking at old pictures and reminiscing is how little those problems I was going through seem now. God got me through every single one of them.

He knew exactly what I needed to teach, heal, and grow me. I’m so glad I’m not that selfish, prideful girl I used to be – I’m so thankful for the hard times, because they have allowed the sweet times to be that much sweeter.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are greener pastures ahead. Hope, peace, safety, and joy are our inheritance.

I’m so glad I stuck out the hard stuff. I’m so glad I didn’t turn in the towel before the good works God wanted to complete in me were completed.

Freedom, peace, contentment, joy and love are what I get to experience now.

I actually look around and am thankful. I am content. All I can conclude is that this is God’s gift for not running away from what he was doing in my life.

More than all that is this intimacy with God that is just blossoming.

It is in his presence we find peace and joy. It is in his presence that we experience healing. It is in the presence of God that we find ourselves.

I am content and full of life because I am finding myself in God. Worth, identity, security and happiness are an overflow from having a meaningful, deep relationship with Jesus.

I’m convinced that when we lay down ourselves to follow Jesus wherever he goes, we find ourselves in ways we never thought possible. When you surrender everything to God, he always gives you something better in return.

It won’t look like what you thought – it will look even better than you could ever had imagined. God knows us better than we know ourselves, so that doesn’t surprise me one bit that we could be thinking this mud pile we are in is the best thing out there, when all the while God wants us to give that up to lead us to the ocean and paradise.

I never would have known I was playing in the mud, thinking it was paradise. If God is calling you out to follow and trust him – don’t hesitate a moment longer.

He is worth it friends.


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