No Limits

When we live our lives out of a place of less than, or not enough, we will always come up short in the circumstances of life.

So many times I find myself trying to prove to others that I am someone they want to be around. Its as if there is this small window of time to convince the people in the room that I have good things to offer and am someone of value.

Maybe you can relate?

This past year for me has been marked by challenges, new joys, adventures and new growth. Part of that growth has been centered around value, worth and grace and how I live in response to my understanding of those things.

What if we get to just enjoy what God has placed in front of us?

Imagine for a moment that every fiber of your being is loved and valued. You walk into situations and circumstances knowing who you are and whose you are. Immediately, you offer who you are to people and don’t second guess your humor, personality, or place in the group. You justĀ know you are accepted and loved and out of that place you interact with others.

Our world would be a much different place if we all operated that way.

Think about it, instead of trying to get, get, get because we don’t have enough worth, value, resources, love..we would be giving what we have away because we know it will never run out.

There wouldn’t be this weird comparison thing happening or jealously for that matter.

Have you ever been truly, deeply secure in who you are and how you’re made? Is that even a thing?

Ultimately, it comes down to identity. At the core of who you are, where do you find your worth and value?

Insecurity in and of itself is a lack of security. You find yourself on unstable ground and are looking for something to hold onto to keep your balance.

In other words, this looks like trying to find stability from people in our lives, our profession/calling, hobbies or things we like, as well as skills we consider ourselves good at. Jesus is thrown into the mix somewhere in there.

What if Jesus was the one thing we looked to for our identity and security?

Everything in this world is going to let you down if you are putting your hope in it. I as a human being cannot bring fulfillment to someone. I might be able to bring joy or happiness to someone’s world, but at the end of the day I am a human and make mistakes. Only God is perfect and hasĀ everything we need.

Instead of shouldering all your hopes and dreams on a person, calling, or interest – shoulder it on Jesus. Only he can withstand that weight.

When its all said and done, everything in this world will fade – seasons change, sports teams go up and down in success, jobs come and go, people move on – Jesus isn’t going anywhere.

You will wear many hats throughout your lifetime and carry many responsibilities and roles, but those things are not who you are. You are a child of God.

As a child of God you have everything your father has at your disposal. Not only that, but he delights in you.

He is a good father and loves you perfectly and completely. Perfect and all knowing, only God knows every single detail about every single thing and person in our universe and has the power to do anything he wants with it. His opinion is the only one that matters.

Who does God say you are?

“Beloved,” “Fearfully and wonderfully made,” “Wonderful,” “Chosen,” “Worth it.”

His love is meant to be the solid foundation we walk on. His truth is how we were designed to live our lives out of.

When we know how loved and cherished we are and that can never be taken away – we live our lives differently. We make choices out of different thought patterns. Instead of hanging back in the corner because we think people don’t want to hang around us, we are joining in the fun and being ourselves. These choices then have ripple effects that shape the world around us.

Instead of wondering if people like you and doing everything you can to make sure they like you, those thoughts don’t even have a place to rest in your mind. Those thoughts no longer belong in the wake of knowing God loves you wholly, unconditionally and eternally.

This next week, put God in the forefront of your mind and day. Look to him, talk to him and spend time with him. Each day make the decision to choose him and his thoughts toward you.

Don’t know his thoughts toward you? Just ask him, he loves to love you. Longs to love you.

When we make the decision to believe God’s truth instead of lies, everything changes. When who God made us to be is allowed to breathe and live without hindrance, the world won’t ever be the same.

That full life is waiting for you friends, are you ready?


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