There’s more to be had. There’s more to be seen.

Dissatisfied. Left wanting.

Will there ever be that moment of simple clarity. Peaceful understanding.

Will we always be left in the dark, left wondering, searching?

That’s it though, isn’t it? Our understanding. We’re in the dark about our understanding.

Are we actually in the dark? Are we actually left wanting?

Could it be that we have everything at our fingertips? Waiting. For us.

How could that be? Don’t we know everything? Don’t we have all the answers? Our world is as we perceive it.

Fear. Uncertainty. Change avoidant.

Control, power turns out to be an illusion.

It’s another matter entirely to surrender control. Circumstances. Knowledge. Outcomes. The Journey.

True power, true control, only one has had it all along.

Surrender, trust, dependence. Keys to peace.

There’s more to be had. More to be seen.

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