I Know It’s Scary

I know it’s scary.

Letting go of something so familiar.

It’s all you’ve known.

At times closer than a friend.

It’s made such good sense.

I know it’s scary.

Re-evaluating your beliefs.

Taking a magnifying glass and seeing dirt and grime in the nooks and crannies of your thought life.

Seeing inconsistencies with your belief systems.

⁃ belief systems that you’ve died on your sword a few times.

I know it’s intimidating.

You’re afraid of what others might think.

Of being called a hypocrite.

You feel guilt over adamantly arguing for something, to the point of thinking ill of others for disagreeing with you.

I know it’s hard giving up a belief that you’ve held for so long.

But, sweet friend, you’re in such good company.

We’re all a mess. We’ve all realized we’ve been wrong. We’ve all had to apologize. We’ve all had to make amends. We’ve all been misunderstood at one point or another.

A sign of true strength is not hiding from the truth, but being brave enough to admit you were wrong. Of seeing the truth of your humanity. Of letting go of things that aren’t benefiting you to make room for things that will.

So, dear friend, I encourage you to take your precious identity from the hands of faulty beliefs and put it in something that won’t cause you to crumble when it fails. Truth. Jesus. Who you are.

Because you’re worth it, and you don’t deserve to be stolen from and lied to anymore.

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