LovesPlaceMat – Love’s Place Mat.

Did you know God speaks words and names over you and your life? Years ago, I felt God whisper the name LovesPlaceMat to my heart. I had never even thought to put those words together into one, but God had thought it through extensively. Over the years he has expounded on what this name means as well as the purposes he wants to accomplish with/through me.

To put it simply, I am the place mat and God is love. God gives me things to hold whether that be nuggets of wisdom, his love, perspectives, healing, insight, his presence – really whatever he wants (it’s his show after all). Then he places people in my path that I share these things with.

I don’t profess to be this all knowing, have-it-altogether person who can solve every problem. Quite the opposite actually; I am messy, a human until I die, and still very much figuring out this thing called “life”. I get things wrong sometimes. I am daily aware of my need for God and his presence.

We can’t do anything without the power and presence of God. If I do anything “right” it’s because of God’s influence in me.

LovesPlaceMat’s goal is to point people to God and in the process, help them get to the places God wants them to go.

Because God has helped me a ton in the areas of identity, security and trust, I naturally share about these things. It is constantly my prayer that God would speak through me and be glorified. I am a work in progress and probably will be until the day I die, and God still insists on working through me, so I guess I’ll let him.

At the end of the day, I can only say, “Yes, Jesus. Have your way.” I’ve learned that if I don’t have Jesus, I don’t have anything. When I say it is his show, it really is. He calls the shots and if he wants to say something, who am I to correct him?

If I am not going where Jesus is, where am I then? So I will say the hard things, I will go to places that aren’t easy, and I will do my best to say, “Yes, Jesus” no matter what. My desire, hope and prayer is that people are drawn along the process with me and go where Jesus is. You are loved and God is after your heart; come along the journey with me.