The author and creator of LovesPlaceMat is Brianna Collier, a Licensed Associate Counselor in Gilbert, AZ. She specializes in healing trauma and PTSD, mood disorders, emotional intelligence and various psychology and mental health related topics. “LovesPlaceMat” is a play on words and sums up her mission to a place where love can grow and foster and be shared with the world around her. 


Note from the creator:

Hi there friend, so glad you are here. 

If you’re seeing this, you’ve made it to my private blog where I process about life and share learned insights from my personal and professional life. My goal and intention with anything I share or post is to share the hard shit we go through that is seldom talked about. I share things with the hope that it inspires you and helps foster a community that is committed to growth and each other’s betterment. 

Because when one of us wins, all of us does. 

See, to me, keeping the wisdom of life that I’ve learned thus far to myself seems selfish. I just want to share the love. 

So, this is your formal invitation to journey with me, ready?