Stand Up!

I recently got a word from God that was actually really hard to hear. He commanded me to “Stand up!” and leave insecurity behind. That it was time to walk in my identity and no longer question my value.  My dear friend, who delivered this word, got a dirty look from me as she obediently said what…

Worth Waiting For

You will have plenty of opportunities to embark on the journey of oneness with someone who was never meant to be in that role with you.

Change, Life, and Freedom

I mean, think about it. All the events in your life have shaped you for who you are right now, in this moment. That doesn’t just happen.

Drastic Times Calls for Drastic Measures

Who are you when the going gets tough? We all would¬†like to say we keep our cool and don’t blow up with anxiety. But who am I kidding, there’s only a handful of people that I know who do that. I am getting there.¬†Emphasis on the getting there part. I mean, I’m a human. We…