The Fight for Healthy

For all those who struggle with long time emotional dynamics that are less than healthy, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Change, Life, and Freedom

I mean, think about it. All the events in your life have shaped you for who you are right now, in this moment. That doesn’t just happen.

When God Reveals the Hard Stuff

No one likes to hear that they aren’t doing something the right way. I don’t like to hear “No, I want you to stay in this hard place.” or that I may have hurt someone. I especially don’t like to hear that I’m actually quite selfish. It’s true though. I’m really selfish. That’s probably true…

You’re Probably Not Going to Like This.

“Practically perfect in every way.” A friend recently asked me if I could help her in the area of freedom and acceptance of herself. She wants to love herself more and love others better. She wants freedom from wanting others’ approval and that being her focus – she wants to focus on Jesus. You’ve just…