Set in Stone

When you just let yourself be real and feel those uncomfortable feelings – God ends up saying a few things you need to hear.

Worth Waiting For

You will have plenty of opportunities to embark on the journey of oneness with someone who was never meant to be in that role with you.

When Your Plans Fail

I was on a road trip to Texas. I had been driving awhile and was horrified with the rest stops’ poor sanitary conditions, never finding one I felt comfortable stopping in. I got back on the road seemingly with the caravan of people I had started the road trip with. Out of nowhere this car…

Are you thinking the right way about pain?

What if pain is different than you thought? As I sit here waiting for God’s promises to happen, I can’t help but marvel at how good God is. Which surprises me. After all that has happened, I am somehow landing on his goodness and faithfulness, even though I’m still where I was 2 months ago…