A Message from Jesus

Jesus spoke this to me awhile ago and has me re-read it every so often. Felt like he wanted me to share it so you could hear his words too.

Change, Life, and Freedom

I mean, think about it. All the events in your life have shaped you for who you are right now, in this moment. That doesn’t just happen.

When God Reveals the Hard Stuff

No one likes to hear that they aren’t doing something the right way. I don’t like to hear “No, I want you to stay in this hard place.” or that I may have hurt someone. I especially don’t like to hear that I’m actually quite selfish. It’s true though. I’m really selfish. That’s probably true…

Do you have what it takes?

Wind and water flew in his eyes as he stepped out on the upper deck. Was it possible to breath water? Because that was the option before him as rain and sea water pelted him from all directions. It was dark and he could barely see anything, let alone hear a shout above the roar…