Change, Life, and Freedom

I mean, think about it. All the events in your life have shaped you for who you are right now, in this moment. That doesn’t just happen.

A Heart to Say Yes

Roots are an interesting thing. As far as plants go, there are good plants and then there are weeds. Both have roots. Roots are designed to give a plant stability and nourishment. A good, strong tree will have deep, thick roots where it will get nutrients from the soil as well as water to help…

Your Father Wants a Word with You.

Hey. Its time to hear something. I’ve been wanting to say this to you for awhile now. Ready? “It’s not about you doing. It’s about you trusting that I am coming for you.┬áNothing can keep me away. This is something that’s up to me – not up to you – to do. I will do…

A Life Well Lived

Getting out of your world for a little while can be quite refreshing.