Set in Stone

When you just let yourself be real and feel those uncomfortable feelings – God ends up saying a few things you need to hear.

A Message from Jesus

Jesus spoke this to me awhile ago and has me re-read it every so often. Felt like he wanted me to share it so you could hear his words too.

Stand Up!

I recently got a word from God that was actually really hard to hear. He commanded me to “Stand up!” and leave insecurity behind. That it was time to walk in my identity and no longer question my value.  My dear friend, who delivered this word, got a dirty look from me as she obediently said what…

Bri is Gettin Real Y’all

I’m tired of fake. I don’t want to make small talk anymore. I want to have real conversations with REAL people. Not the person you try to make everyone believe is existing behind that smile. Ultimately, I am speaking to myself. Recently, Jesus has been drawing me out. My desires, hopes, dreams, and yes, even…